צפייה בגרסה מלאה : My morning wrestling session!!! Lady milady

03-10-11, 10:53
We began circling each other. After a few minutes of tying up andreleasing our arms - HE fell into MY trap. HE had MY wrists in his handsfor at least the third time, but instead of pulling them out of his griplike i had done every other time, i jerked back and down to the floorpulling him on top of me . Having just landed with all of his weight on topof me, my wrists still in his hands, he asked me if i was okay. Justthen he felt my legs wrap around his sides and lock behind him. Again i esmiled, "I'm fine..."my legs constricted on the sides of his ribs and he knew for the firsttime he was in for a world of trouble. he instinctively released my r wrists- so i grabbed his . he felt a flood of blood rush to his face. Youalways see guys struggling around to get out of body scissors in mixedwrestling videos, but hi wouldn't move an inch. . Not wanting me to see the pain inhis face, he put his face into the carpet above my shoulder. he was lyingbelly to belly with me , we were wrestling half naked and yet he sad to say that itwas so erotic what-so-ever. he held his breath and clenched his abdomenmuscles while trying to hide his ever-reddening face in the carpet. he wasn't getting away. Like he said, he was in too much pain to even try.he merely hoped i would get bored and try to change holds. Well, i edidn't. The next five minutes consisted of me asking to give and hetrying not too sound to hoarse or defeated. his body was covered by theprickly sweat of embarrassment - then i spoke in his ear:*** now you are mine !!! my new toy!!!****

Lady milady

every day from 9:00am till 22:00

30mn 500shek
for regulars is 350shek 30min

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03-10-11, 15:48
תודה על השיתוף למרות שאני באופן אישי אינני מתחבר להאבקות.


06-10-11, 10:41
:) I'm OPEN to meny Fantasies my Dear, not just wrestling !!! my Mind is Very Wild

wishing you A GREAT DAY


09-10-11, 13:53
וואו. את מהממת! נשמעת מאוד אינטיליגנטית ונראה כי את מכירה היטב את רצונותיהם של חובבי ההאבקות. ברגע שיהיה לי אומץ אני מרים אליך טלפון.